Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Nayab Bolbolan
ESL 100
February, 11 2014

Cool Memories 
            The United States is one of the most diverse countries in the world. Each state and city has diverse community, race and people from different beliefs.  I came to United States when I was eighteen years old with my two sisters and parents from Pakistan.  It feels great to be an American but I think the struggle here is more than other countries. America is known all around the world for its education. Men and women have equal rights and freedom generally for everything. In the beginning my experience in the United States was not good or relaxing. I was not accustomed to the tradition, relationship with friends and closeness with my neighbors and I will try to have these parts of my life in this new country.
My parents always preferred that cultures and traditions should be followed. People with different beliefs and traditions live in Pakistan. When we came to America life changed a lot, because everyone in the family has to work to live a better life. My tradition did not change in America because it’s only few months I am here. Tradition festival ways which we had in Pakistan and America are almost the same.   The difference here I enjoy and mingle with few people, there I use to spend my time and felt easy communicating with them. The best thing about America is whatever you want in your life you can have.
            Even coming to the U.S., which is 7671 miles away from Pakistan, I have been able to maintain my friendships. I always used to share secrets, talk freely, have fun and spend time with my friends. My most important memorable moment of my life is spending time with my friends in school and celebrating birthday parties. We were part of a family. We shared thoughts, secrets, and ideas. Most of the time we used to enjoy water fighting and playing badminton in school.  We knew each other’s likes and dislikes. We could not go for shopping or have dinner at hotels without parents, because Pakistani culture does not allow girls to go out, so we usually spent time at home cooking, eating and spending time together. We had kept turns to go to each other’s home. My two best friends are my childhood friends. We had very close family terms. My parents also have good relation with their parents. Coming to United States, however, did not change our friendship. We still have regular contact with each other. I tell them everything about life here and they give me back home news. In these situations, technology is a blessing because we talk on Skype and other social websites when we see each other and feel close to one another. I miss them a lot because still in U.S. I don’t have so close friend to whom I could share my feelings.

 In Pakistan my family had friendly, helpful and lovable neighbors. My younger sister was always at their home playing and eating it was like her second home. Twice a week, I also used to go to their home, helping them cook and talking with them. Sometimes we also used to go out together. They were Muslim and we were Baha’i, but our background never brought any misunderstanding or issues into friendship. In holy days we used to go at their home to spend the day with them. What I really lost coming to America are really those neighbors and my relationship with them. In America, life is so busy that new immigrants don’t have time for their family members. Trust, sharing and believing in one another feels limited her because they don’t have the time to spend more, to know and understand each other.


  1. Hi Nayab,I like the part you talked about the relationship with your friends and neighbors. It sounds really great. You know people lack communicate with other people at present. Especially with their neighbors. You are so lucky that many nice people around you.

  2. Hi Nayab, I like your essay, it is easy to read and follow the ideas. It is interesting that we have similar experiences with our friends and neighbors. In our language there is a saying "Dont buy a house, buy a neighbor" it means that your neighbor is really important for you to live well.

  3. It seems like you have the same situation of "two kind". It's really hard live in a bioculture. But it's lucky too.


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