Friday, February 28, 2014

The Real Home

Abdullah Al Salem
Draft 2
The Real Home
“Home isn't a place; it’s a feeling” Many people think that home is just a place to sleep and eat, but it’s not only this. Home is the place that you belong to, where all the good times happen. Because my family likes to travel a lot, I have spent the best days of my life not only at home but also in many different places, where my family gathered together.Therefore, when my father asked me if I wanted to study in the United States, I think I made the right decision. I chose to leave my home, Saudi Arabia, because I have always wanted to study in a school that could help my future. When people leave home, he or she will not settle down in any place that is similar. I have experienced the same feeling about leaving home to study abroad. Now that I have been in Chicago for studying, family, food, and friends are the things that I have missed the most.

Leaving home to study abroad makes me miss my family more and more. Family is the most important thing that I have lost, and I’m always looking forward to see them. Everyone should know that after leaving their family to go to another place for a long time that they will have to be responsible for everything because no one of their family will be around. I have felt the same way about my family after leaving for the U.S, but I realized that I had to be responsible from the moment I left home. Having my family is something that I have to be proud of because they always support me in almost everything, and they believe that I could be someone in the future. Now, I think I became responsible for almost everything, but still there are many things that I can’t do by my own without discussing with them.

Saudi Arabia is a place that has different cultures, but the food is common across the country. I didn’t think about the food that much before leaving home because I thought I could find all what I need in the supermarkets. In the first weeks, it wasn’t a problem for me because I used to eat fast food all the time and I was happy with it. As the time progressed, I really couldn’t stand eating fast food anymore because I realized it wasn’t healthy. Even though I eat my sister’s food every time I go to Indiana, I only see her once in two weeks. Not living in a place with my ethnic food, has make me want to learn how to cook. In spite of the fact that I’m satisfied with making my own food, I still miss my mother’s cooking.

In fact, I won’t find the happiness of my life without someone who stand beside me. Friends are those people who will be with you whenever you need them. Although I have a lot of friends in Saudi Arabia, there are a few close friends that I really miss. They were not only friends to me, but brothers. The first months I spent in the United States without real friends were tough times. At that time, I hated myself for not studying with my friends who had decided to study together in San Diego, California, because I thought it was tough for me studying with no one I know. As time progressed, I have made international friends from all over the world, and they have became my best friends. After several months with all the good moments I have spent with them, they left Chicago to continue their educational study. That is why it’s difficult to make a friend that stays with you forever.

Everyone who leaves his or her home will miss something whether it’s about their hometown or people. Leaving Saudi Arabia was a tough decision, especially because I have missed my family, food, and friends. I have learned from this experience that i have to be patient because I might find what I have lost much better someday in the future.    
I suggest to everyone who leaves home to study abroad, don’t worry about the things that you have missed about home because by the time you will understand that home doesn’t have to be a place but it’s the people that you love.


  1. Hi Abdullah,

    What a nice essay full of love... You did a great job :). I totally agree with you when you say that home doesn’t have to be a place but it’s the people that you love. I am a traveler and I felt at home in many different places. The people you meet are the gifts and the best memories you keep. I miss also the food from my country but as you say, once you start cooking you enjoy more what you eat. Very nice essay :)

  2. Stephanie,
    I'm really glad that you liked my essay, and agreed with me.
    When I was a kid I used to say that my home is my city where I was born, but as time progressed I realize that I spent half of my age in different places, so why would i call it home when my country didn't make it a place to feel it's like home. Thank you Stephanie again for your respond :D

  3. hi Abdul
    I totally agree with each your essay. I think all the students, who are living abroad, share the same problems. However, you have to be thankful, because you can visit your country whenever you want. Unlike me, who banned from visiting my country, due to ongoing war over there.

  4. Abdul,
    I'm feeling you miss your family as I miss my mom. Because my mom is living in NC, but I'm living IL. Although my mom and me are living the same country, we just ues the phone to contact.

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  6. Hi Abdullah, your essay is really good and easy to understand. I understand your feeling about home because I am also a student here from another country. I miss my family and friends a lot. Especially when you dont have everything that you are used to back home, like foods, clothes, and places to go.

  7. Hi,AA. I like you hook. And you describe you life herre vividly. I am happy you have the sence of belonging to America. Hope you enjoy you life.


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