Monday, March 31, 2014

Change The Destiny
       In the past thirty years, China has changed a lot because of the economic reform, which ma China move toward the top of the world. In 1978, China made a big reform called Chinese Economic Reform. This reform almost made China became another country. This reform made people became richer and made all the students knew the world at that time, and also made China became stronger and richer. During the time when the economic reform proposed, my mother caught the chance, and changed her life into a totally different faith.

        As what I know about my mum, she always didn’t have enough food to eat. If you weren’t born at that time in China, and you have no idea to know how poor the people were during those years. My mum told me that her family didn’t have enough food to eat. In addition, the food was only given from the government and you even there were no way to buy some food at that time, lots of people died before the Chinese Economic Reform. After the Reform, my mother said that the life was totally changed. The government didn’t limit food to people anymore, and allowed other countries to build the companies and factories in China, which made China became a vigorous country. Those new companies created lots of jobs and people were able to find jobs and opened a company at time and people just became richer after Chinese Economic Reform.
            My mum is a lucky person who has a company now. Because of the Chinese Economic Reform, her destiny changed. In China, people must graduate from a good university if they want a good job. Thanks for the China’s economy that gave the hope to all the Chinese, They could open their stores and built their companies and factories. Fortunately, my mum opened a company with friends at that time, which made my mum’s life became easier, she could earn some money to lead her live more comfortably. Therefore, my mum always told me that Chinese Economic Reform just gave me a chance to change my life too. I can also felt my mum’s feelings. Now, she has worked very hard in her life and still working hard at this moment. People became richer and have chances to get rich because of this reform.
On the other hand, The Chinese Economic Reform not only made people became richer, but also gave people a chance to have better education. Most of the people couldn’t go to school at that time and the schools didn’t teach many subjects to students. What people could learn from school was limited to in Chinese history and math. Thus, a lot of people didn’t know about the world outside China. Many students really wanted to know about the world and learn something differenced, but they didn’t have chances. After this reform, a great replacement has been taken in Chinese economy and education. The government built more and more schools and let the schools to teach wider aspects so people could enlarge their horizon. This has helped Chinese students get in touch with the world. The education policy made Chinese students became smarter and more qualifier.

At this moment, I have good life because of my parents and all my life is coming from my parents. My mum was lived in hard years, but she was never afraid of the destiny and she told me that she never though of gave up. My mum’s experience always reminds me that I should cherish my life now and do more meaningful things. Chinese Economic Reform has had a great achievement and effect on Chinese society, and China added a new face in the world.


  1. hi Kenny,
    Good and easy to understand. China is now developed countries in he world and people true worked very hard.your mum is role model for you:)

  2. Hi Kenny,
    Your essay is well written, your mom never gave up and her hopes for a better future came true. The fast development in China is unbelievable... Good and interesting essay :)

  3. Hi Kenny,
    I feel so sorry that Caohai came here and left something to you. I hope you will forget it soon. Anyway, your easy is good. It's admirable that you and your family have a good economy situation now. I am proud of you~

  4. Hi Kenny.
    The Economic Reform had a deep influence in China, also it had a deep influence for Chinese. In your essay, Your mother is a very smart women and she catched the chance very appropriately. Otherwise, you should be proud of that you have a mother like that.

  5. kenny
    your essay showed about the economic situation in china. your mother is very nice for you !!! can i ask something ? you thought that chinese education made chinese students were smarter. However, why did you come to America ? haha

    1. Chinese education is still horrible

  6. Hi, Little K. Thanks to share a nice chinese woman, your mother, to us. She is great as not only a business woman, but also a mother. I really wish that you will be a parson who likes your mother. Please working hard from now on.

  7. Hi!!!!!! KengDie. Nice to see your family's change. And you should proud of your mother. she is great and brave.


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