Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sweet Journey


Sweet Journey

  I came to Chicago in September, 2013. For millions of immigrants, being in the U.S. means the entrance for a more liberal and democratic world. But for me, America is the destination for my sweet journey. I am a big fan of scooter. Back to home, I had my happy life on my scooter, Porsche. I thought that I would never stop riding a scooter in the rest of my life. Now I am disillusioned about the enjoyment of the scooter journey. Here is the U.S. where I can’t ride a scooter in the  bloody windy and freezing days ; Here is the U.S. where I can’t ride a scooter for a 5km long trip every morning  from home to school; Here is the U.S. where I can’t ride a scooter loading my imitate families. My romantic and sweet journey is doomed since my arrival.

  What I can’t do in American is what I enjoyed in my hometown. My hometown is a small village in the southern China. Unlike America, there are no trains looping around my hometown. Because the majority of residents can’t afford a car or a taxi, the scooter has become a popular and necessary means of transportation. Everyone depends on a scooter at all times. My small hometown is mere 94.75square miles.  The residents don’t bother to spend a lot of time in a long way to their school and work. Instead, going to school or work means couples of minutes riding on a scooter. However, now in America I have to suffer from standing in a sharp wind and wait for the bus or train every winter morning. I lost the nice beginning of a day that I rode my Porsche shuttling through the familiar alleys to school in a rush. Although I can’t rationalize my delay for school in America, I would always be punctual if I could ride a scooter in Chicago.

 Cheerful company shortens the miles. If a scooter driver wants a sweet journey, then they need company— wheels and the beloved fellows or family. Both of the two things I lost in my transition to this country. In my hometown, it is common to see a motorbike loading more than one person, even a couple or a whole family. It is a cozy and romantic affair which will be definitely against the traffic law in America. It’s necessary for the U.S. government to establish strict traffic regulations for such a huge traffic system. The laws bitterly destroy my sweet journey dream. I miss the days that I drove the tiny limo. My tiny brother stood in front of me and my mother sat on the back holding me tightly. It was crowed, but mingling with the ones you love is much better than with the strangers on a train. On our way, we enjoyed the breeze, the sunshine and the happiness of my family.  All those moments are gone.

    In America, the train delivers millions of people day by day. Now a train is only option for transportation.  A train and a motorbike are similar traffic options for a majority of low       income  people, but it doesn’t mean the qualities of both two journeys are equal.   Riding a motorbike is an enjoyable moment. When I was on Porsche, I captured the scenery all the way, greeted the passengers, smelled the particular scents from the kermis and took a sunbath.  In addition I felt close to my neighborhood. It is eligible to be on intimate term with the nature in a hermetic railway carriage.  On a train, the sight from the window is merely the outdoor advertisements and the roof s of buildings. What’s worse, I need to suffer from the repeat broadcasting, crowed passengers and stink.    The quality of a trip doesn’t  depend on how luxurious the means of transportation, but the scenery on the way and the mood of looking at the scenery.

      Porsche, my lovely mount, had run for over four years and traveled along my homeland where I belong. It used to be my best company in my growing path. Now it has been discarded in a garage since I left.  Every day I am sincerely thankful me to the U.S. where is a paradise on the earth. But my transformation is imperfect with the loss of a scooter. If you can imagine the picture of me riding on a scooter with my loving family,  you will understand why I cherish the moments on Porsche.




  1. Hi Grace ! Wow...........I could never think of you on the scooter. That is amazing. I never had a chance to drive one, but I used to drive a bike and I loved it. I think it's too dangerous to do this in a big city like Chicago. When I see people on a bikes in the streets of Chicago, I just feel that they are willing to die. Anyway, I want to admit your essay. It is very interesting and simple. I enjoyed it so much. You did a wonderful job.

  2. Haha your essay was really well written, and really funny to me cause I used to feel the same way about my scooter when I had it. I lost my passion for my scooter once I reached the age I was able to drive a car, but I will never forget about my baby.

  3. Hi Grace,
    It is very funny about your essay. I like the scooter especially the pink one. I saw many people by the scooter in Chicago, but that maybe can't enter to highway. You can try by a scooter and use that to go to school. I think that is so interesting.

  4. hey Grace
    I loved reading your essay. Totally opposite, i cant ride a scooter in my country but till 16 i used to ride a bicycle. well said by someone "old is gold" anyway best of luck for your future life ahead.


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