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Dad's Decision

Dad’s Decision

邓小平(Deng Xiaoping)
A right choice is a half of success. There was a great leader called Deng Xiaoping, and in1979, he proposed the Economic Opening Policy in the “Pearl River Delta Economic Zone”.  The Economic Opening Policy is planning to improve the export trade and import business. This policy not only helped the Chinese improve their economy, but also let people have more chances to know the world. This policy has pushed my dad to explore for a new life, and his choice changed my family.
My father told me that our family had a very hard time in 1980s. At that time, it was very hard to buy food no matter how rich you were. The reason is that, in order to reach the goal of communism, the government gave out the food tickets to people which were required when people paid for the food. That means a person can only get limit amount of food each month. Therefore, it was really hard for people to have a good meal at that time. After the Economic Opening policy was proposed, the government didn’t limit the purchase of food anymore. The government supported people to work and plant crops so that people can get more and more food.  The people in country side received a lot of benefit from the Communist Party of China. In addition, the Party offered work chance to each family. My dad has three brothers and sisters, and each of them got had a job. Because of the hard work, they received decent pay and harvest. My family’s life made a great improvement.  Since the factory that my dad worked in was built by the government, people there were from different cities. They told him about the life and new things in city. From then on, my dad made up his mind to get out of the town and lead a better life in a city.

Since the Economic Opening policy was mainly proposed in the “Pearl River Delta Economic Zone” which including Shenzhen, my father grabbed the opportunity to go to Shenzhen.  When my family became better than before, my dad left his hometown and he went to Shenzhen with great ambition. My dad told me that he had only twenty yuan with him when he first arrived in Shenzhen alone. In order to save money, he found a cheap rental house to settle down. In a new city, he knew he had to find a job as soon as possible. He walked along the street and seeks for job every day. Half a month later, he didn’t found any job but almost ran out of money. My dad told me that he despaired. He said,   “You can’t image how hard it was for a person in a new city with no money and friends to survive.” One day, a man came to the rental house to find my dad when my dad was give up looking for job and ready to go back home. The man was from an electronic factory, and he came to rent house. By chatting with my dad, he knew that my dad was from a village and wanted a job. Luckily, his partner gave up his job so that he could offer my dad a job. At the moment, my dad started his career in Shenzhen.

Through hard work, my dad adapted to the environment quickly. Because the factory which he worked in was focus on export business, he learned more about export business. During the time when he was working in the factory, he rent the cheapest house and ate the cheapest food so that he could save money. A few years past, he knew enough knowledge and saved enough money to invest in an export business. He cooperated with his friends to invest in an export item. Since the technology and medium were not as advanced as now, they collected information from radio and newspaper as much as they could.  They prepared a lot for this business. It was a changing point of my dad’s life. The item which he was invested in gained a big achievement, which helped him to earn a large amount of money. Because of the experience and the increasing of the housing price, he didn't use that money to do other business, but bought a flat. Though he earned some money which could make his life more comfortable, he kept on working hard and saving money. Step by step, he started to own his flat, car and business.
Today, my family is leading a good life. I know all of this has come from my dad’s hard-work. No matter how hard the life was, he didn’t give in the poor condition. It was brave for him to make such a big decision to explore an unknown world, however, he said that the best choice he made was getting out of his hometown and leading his own life in Shenzhen. I thank for my dad and his choice, which changed our lives and future, and brought our family a happy and nice environment.



  1. Dear Mengting,
    I understood the Economic Opening Policy that affect your family. My mom tell me that too. However, there is different in China and in the U.S., we will have the new life in the U.S. So, we need as your father's perseverance.

  2. Dear Matong,
    When I saw your topic, and then saw the picture you posed, I thought your father is Deng Xiaoping. I feel so happy that you dad created a good life not only for himself, but also for his whole family. As a second rich generation, you still need to know how to frugalness. I know you are doing very well at present.

  3. HI,
    I honestly never heard about the Economic policy, but I'm glad that I read your essay and got to know about how that new policy affected your family.
    I'm happy that I read your essay. Keep going!

  4. Hi, your essay was really good and interesting. Our parents always try to give us a good life and almost everything that they did not have during their childhood. We have to know the value of our parents and appreciate all their had works for our future.

  5. Nice essay, you did a good job and you wrote well. Yes you can be proud of your dad. He worked so hard and never gave up and now he has a comfortable life. What a remarkable accomplishment he did!

  6. MT, Right now I understand why you always said, you are very proud of your dad. I can image how hard was the condition of your dad met through your essay. A choice from your dad had changed your family's life.

  7. Bao Bao, your essay is nice. You have a great father because he loves his family very much. From your essay, I learn about something important from your father that rich is created by our hands. Don't be doubt any more, we can do it.

  8. Nice essay. You can proud of your father. There was really hard history in your life and your family life. I'm very impressed about your father almost gave up to get a job, and suddenely, somebody came up and get a job. I think that many oppurtunities appear like that way.

  9. Yes, we need to thanks for the Economic Opening Policy, it really helped a lot in our daily life. Everyone's life got better. Not only your father made a lot of money, I think there were a lot of people made a lot of money because of this policy.

  10. Hi, Meeting. your dad have the same experience like my mum. They were lived very hard in the past 30 years. you should proud of your dad. And he made you became a rich second generation. haha


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