Thursday, March 27, 2014


Zhenzhen Kuang (Abby)
ESL 100
March28, 2014

I believe that even a small event can change people’s destiny. People choose diverse ways to get to the different destinations. Before I was eighteen years old, I never thought that my destiny would change so quickly. My father’s boiler company had failures in investments, and the company eventually went bankrupt. My family went from well-off to having nothing at all. From the bankruptcy, I learned how to appreciate what I had. I also became a much more independent woman, and stopped being a lazy person who found it hard to study. The bankruptcy changed my destiny and almost changed everything in my life.

            Moreover, the bankruptcy affected my study habits. Before the bankruptcy, I didn’t like studying at all because I thought my family had enough money to satisfy everything I needed. Even after my high school graduation, I assumed I would go to work at my father’s company. However, when my father’s company went bankrupt, I lost my future job because I had intended to set a job at his business. So I knew I had to study hard in order to change my family’s financial condition. For example, if I studied hard I could go to an elite school, and I would be able to find a good job after my college graduation. Thus, I could earn more money for my family.


  1. Hi, Abby
    I feel so sorry about your father's company. According to your writing, I believe you will be a successful girl in the future because you had learned a lot from your personal experience. You will make your children become the second rich generation. Goodnight!

  2. Hi Abby, you never know at first what the best solution for your family is. Sometimes you can benefit a lot because of the right way, but very often you can loose everything :-( - I hope your family is doing better know but the important thing is that you can still change your life here by getting a good college degree ;-)

  3. Hi Abby.
    I feel so sorry about your father's company. Truly, everything relates to the money, also money is not everything in our life. After I read your essay, I believe that you will became a great women in your future because of your adamancy.

  4. B, you are a brave girl. Everything will be fine. There is a saying that it will be fine when something is in the most terrible condition. Keep going! We always stand by you.

  5. Abby. I always regard you as my sister because you know a lot of things. I think your experience was something sad but helpful for you. Anyway, just keep moving.


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