Monday, March 10, 2014

what make it different?

China is a country which has rich culture and history. Many people know China is the oldest country in the world, and there are many customs are handed down from the generation to generation. As a Chinese people, I am proud of my country in many way. Since  an ancient times, Chinese people is always paid attention to traditional etiquette, and the traditional festivals such as Chinese New Year, Mid-autumn festival and Dragon Boat Festival. After I immigrated  to the United States, I realized there are many of them customs was disappearing from my life;  such as food,home decorates and events. 

 The Chinese New Year is considered a major holiday for the Chinese people. It’s represents a new turn of the year. To livin the United States for six years, I always miss the traditional festive atmosphere that surrounded me in my country. In the past, my parents would buy a little orange tree and peach blossom for our home before New Year's Eve. At the same time, many families like to clean out their house which signifies sweeping away all the bad luck. Besidesmany Chinese families post scrolls and couplets on the wall inside of home.We paid attention to every detail. For example, when the Chinese New Year coming I would place new bedding with bright color. Now, in Chicago my parents need to work on Chinese New Year, so they don’t replace any new plants or decorates at the home for Lunar New Year. Because there is no arrangement I don’t feel festive atmosphere anymore. In addition, I almost forgot those words that written on the red paper. 
Meanwhile, Chinese food is occupy an important role in every single holiday, and each New Year’s food has a different meaning.  The moral of the food is widely with the development of the times. For example, the Chinese word of  “lettuce” means the growth of  wealth. Therefore, on Chinese New Year's Eve it is accustomed to serve lettuce as a main dishesrepresenting earn more money for the coming year. Also, New Year cake represents a high payback. When I was in Chinamy whole family would have deluxe dinner together during the New Year period. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen those delicious foods appear in my kitchen in Chicago for long time. Some Chinese immigrants prefer  to buy from the market instead to making by themselves. Finally, I don’t have many relatives in Chicago, so I only have a common dinner with my parents and grandmother. 
Moreover,  New Year’s Gala and Flower Street are the hottest events of the New Year. The New Year’s Gala is a TV performance, which has different kinds of sections about Chinese New Year, such as comedy skits, comic dialogue talk and Cantonese opera. However, I likewalking along the Flower Street more than watching  TV show when I was in China. I remember I used to go each flower street around my home area every year. Every time I went to the flower street, I would recall many of my childhood memories. In Chicago’s Chinatown, there are has New Year Fair that plays dragon and lion dance instead of setting Flower Street. So far, I haven’t watch it because I want to stay warm at home. Luckily, we still can watch those amazing New Year Gala show in Chicago. They might not be the same, but still feel joyful when I watch them on TV.
      In general, holidays are a part of every culture even you are not living in your country , and it’s important to remember all the flowers, couplets and dinners. Sometimes,  I feel like I have lost the way omy life. However, I hope that every immigrants can remember their original dream, and not lose themself in American life. Although the American life is not easy since we think,we might get another new experience in the new environment. Growing in adversity would give you more courage and strength to build up future life. 


  1. hi Jiaxin
    I truly agree what you said in last three sentences of your essay. Every immigrants have the same problem and hardship that they have to face in every step of life. i really wish to visit china and enjoy the new year gathering or parties because i have heard from many Chinese about these events which you mentioned. Best of luck for your future.

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  3. Hi my friend
    I really enjoyed reading your essay, because I learned a new information about the Chinese New Year and the kinds of customs and habits that happens during this event.

  4. Hi.
    I glad to know well about Chinese New days due to your essay. In my country, South Korea, has a Korean New days.

  5. Jia. Your article reminded me of China.Everything in your article that I knew very much. I missed China very much after reading your essay.

  6. Hello,Jia. I miss China so much as you. Actually, we lost so many native cultures when we immigrated to U.S. At least we have memory about the native cultures in our mind. Even though some cultures have changed, the native culture are in our mind forever.

  7. I very nice written essay, with lots of content directly to relate to. I also realize sometimes that I am forget about my own culture, which I should never, cause this is who we really are.


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